"100% of the shots you don't take,
don't go in."

– Wayne Gretzky

Marketing Transformation

High performing companies are establishing enduring relationships with customers rather than focusing solely on transactions. Their customer-centric approach is built on consistently delivering value to customers rather than product features. The benefit – increased revenues per customer, greater loyalty and retention, and lower costs per sale.

The Fund Group has deep expertise in working with clients to transform their marketing organizations into high performance revenue generation teams.

We work to unleash the power of customer data, social media, and data analytics to identify high potential customers and prospects and deliver personalized, targeted marketing messages uniquely tailored to each recipient.

The results -- increased marketing campaign response rates, greater revenues per customer and more effective sales channels.

Improve your Marketing ROI, better leverage your sales channels, and drive more sales by engaging The Fund Group. Imagine the possibilities!

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Precisely Target Your Best Customers and Prospects

  • How much do you know about your current customers?
  • Are there customers you should fire because maintaining them costs more than they generate? And how do you identify them?
  • What differentiates good prospects from marginal suspects? How do you find qualified prospects?
  • Which products are best suited for individual customer segments and when is the best time to present them?
  • What is the best next offer for you to present to customers?
  • How are you leveraging social media to develop customer intimacy?
  • How can you better enable your sales channels to convert prospects into customers?