Workshop leader and participants

Opportunity Discovery Workshop Case Study

IMAGINE solving a vexing marketing challenge with a small group of employees who had never worked together. A major insurance company did just that with a one day facilitated workshop.  Here’s how they did it.


A large insurance company was unable to create in a timely manner customized marketing collaterals for its field agents. This persistent problem negatively impacted field agent productivity and was a cause of ongoing frustration with headquarters marketing.


A one day workshop was created to identify the root causals and potential solutions. Key workshop success factors included:

  • Pre-planning and senior marketing management sponsorship
  • Recruiting a cross-functional team of marketing, creative services and field sales experts, each with a key role in the process
  • Utilizing a structured workshop methodology including brainstorming, affinitizing (grouping) ideas, weighted voting and prioritization to ensure all ideas were captured and all participants actively contributed
  • Publishing a workshop report with all ideas and recommendations


More than 90 ideas were generated and the top three priorities were identified based on group consensus. Implementation of these ideas enabled the company to reduce the time to create customized collaterals from six weeks to under three days resulting in increased field agent productivity and effectiveness.